Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Opening Ceremony of The London Olympics 2012

 The London Olympics have begun and it was hardly surprising that the opening ceremony would be a “ritual” of bizarre imagery and symbolism… And how odd it ended up being! From the moment of the opening countdown (which featured the number ‘9’ on a London Red Bus and a musical soundtrack with some curious back-masking) it was obvious that much of this blatant symbolism would set the tone.
 The initial “Green and Pleasant Land” was quickly deconstructed by rhythmic drumming and scenes which resembled a “Borg assimilation” of the landscape. As suited representations of the elite surveyed the scene with pride, the tree placed upon the Glastonbury Tor mock-up was uprooted to allow a flood of industrial workers to ascend from the underworld. It was nothing short of a destruction of nature and tranquillity, delivered with pomp and circumstance. As Kenneth Branagh stood on a platform surrounded by 9 columns of light, great industrial towers rose above the spectacle – reminding me of scenes from the John Hurt version of Orwell’s 1984.

 After a brief interlude hilariously (for all the wrong reasons!) involving James Bond and illuminati lizard Queen Lizzie parachuting from a helicopter, representatives of the UK armed forces raised a union flag by the Tor. “God Save The Queen” was sung by the children’s signing choir “Chaos” (apt name) – all wearing pyjamas. Whilst this was going on, The Queen looked on… appearing even more “evil-eyed” than normal.

 The next section (“Second to the right, and straight on till morning”) was probably the most sinister. Despite being a “celebration” of the NHS (represented by Great Ormond Street Hospital and loads of giant beds filled with sleeping children in hospital), it quickly descended into a dark invocation of goblins and weird creatures, giant grim reapers and a child catcher (as in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”). The scene was “conjured” by JK Rowling who read from the esoterically important children’s novel “Peter Pan” and accompanied by Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” - a theme now associated with the subliminally saturated horror film “The Exorcist”. Children were hoisted aloft in their beds, to the strains of screams and maniacal laughter. The nurses swayed hypnotically in a trance state, occasionally forming esoteric hand signals. The scene came to a close as dozens of “Mary Poppins” flew by umbrella into the stadium to “rescue” the children…

 After an allegedly humorous set piece involving Simon Rattle, The London Symphony Orchestra and Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean – performing “Chariots of Fire”, The “Digital Age” was accompanied by several decades of TV scenes and popular music. Although the imagery associated with some of this music is symbolic in nature anyway (which was represented by the “Ziggy” lightning flash and so on), I was interested to see just how many costumes incorporated esoteric and freemasonic motifs – especially the prominent checker board pattern. When Bowie’s “Starman” kicked off, I half expected to see some aliens or craft – but we got a few folk in jet packs instead! In much the same way, when the Prodigy’s “Firestarter” was heard, I waited for some dark imagery – but saw only a few flames. There were times though when I felt like it was messing with my eyes (with all the fast imagery and lighting effects) and had to look away for a second. I wonder how the photo-sensitive reacted to this.

 A moment of silence was followed by a glowing golden disc, raised above a group of swaying dancers. Out of this throng appeared a running boy who was pursued by a man who seemed to trance him and take some sort of invisible “ball of energy” from him. Eventually, he took hold of the boy and disappeared into the dancing crowd. The boy appeared above them and was raised up toward the glowing disc. If people say that there is no ritualistic, sacrificial symbolism to this opening ceremony, this piece alone will prove otherwise…

 At this point we had the parade of all the teams who will take part in The Games. I’d already started to lose the will to live by now, but decided to endure it for the sake of a complete analysis. The “Arctic Monkeys” took to the Tor and performed “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” (a song with references to “making eyes at me” and “1984”!) and a cover of “Come Together” (“One and one and one is three”!). Then things got really trippy when a load of glowing alien jellyfish with wings (and on bicycles!) rode around the stadium (they were supposed to represent the "doves of peace"!), with one talking off and flying into the sky… Something that would serve as a good warning to anybody who spends too much time sniffing the old Windowlene!

 This was followed by some grand standing by Bored Coe and Jacque Rogue who spouted on about “Truth, Purity, Drama and Intensity” and claimed that each of the three London Games had accompanied “turbulence and trouble”. Lizzie finally decided to move from her transfixed state and declare The Games open, followed by a load of spiralling fireworks. The Olympic flag was carried by several questionable figures and the torch was passed to seven young athletic sacrifices: who lit probably the most occult Olympic “Cauldron” that I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

 Despite the fact that I was now desperate to turn off the old ”hypnobox” (probably more than I’ve watch in the last several months!), I continued to watch (probably because I’d heard the rumour that The Who were going to appear... which I'm relieved to say they didn't). Instead we had Faul McCartney, his sound got f****d up and was deathly boring anyway…

I realised it was all over (at least for now) and thankfully turned it off.

 At the risk of offending those who enjoy sports and spectacle, it really is all just “bread and circuses” designed to distract the masses from far more important issues in life. It is also a grotesque waste of money that could be spent far more productively. Also, quite frankly, I’m not at all happy with the idea of sacrificial and occult related symbolism being peddled as entertainment that the vast majority are glued to and don’t get what it’s really all about. Why did I watch it then? Curiosity got the better of me. I needed to know what might occur. Instead, I got four hours of psychological drivel! Serves me right!

Until Next Time.
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Friday, 27 July 2012

London 2012 - Part 6: “And Finally... Some Mind Games!”

 In the last two parts of this blog series, I have suggested the ritualistic nature of The Olympic ceremonies. We have seen this many times in the past, however it was always inevitable that new levels of significance would be reached following the announcement that London would play host – London being one of (if not THE) root of the hidden global agenda power structures. The evidence that London 2012 would play such a role was pretty much shown to be case during the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

 Much has been discussed in the alternative community regarding this presentation, which welcomes the world to London 2012 in a particularly damning fashion. The clear lines to 7/7 and false flag terrorism in this “show” have been taken literally by some. “Here is a microcosmic and metaphorical version of what’s to come. You have the dark ritual energised by the trauma of death and terror.” It is clear that the inclusion of a London Red Bus, that literally mangles open, is a recreation of events in Tavistock Square on 7/7. The bus in the opening animation even includes a “can key” – on the front top-right hand corner, for opening up the bus! However, I believe this has possibly been taken too literally as a prediction of more false flag terror in The 2012 Games. There are numerous examples of occult practices where the actual traumatic act has been replaced just as “effectively” (if you subscribe to such things) by a “trigger” or a relative emotional resonance.

 This practice is eerily similar to the vast subject of trauma-based mind control. It is a controversial subject that many people have a hard time accepting as being real, yet the evidence of its existence is also very real. This is where my line of research has taken me lately in relation to London 2012 and began with some small noticeable realisations in the Beijing footage.

 The inclusion of David Beckham (‘23’ Hackney) and Leona Lewis (“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – OZ/MK) is one small example. Several researchers have claimed that there is a possible association between these two individuals and the various mind control machinations; that have intersected both the music and entertainment “industry” ever since the inception of the MK projects several decades back. Leona Lewis was also joined by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page – a man with questionable ties to the subject. Page has been a passionate admirer of occultist Aleister Crowley for many years.  It is rumoured that he owns a huge library of occult literature and he has all but admitted that the music of Led Zeppelin (including the song performed by Lewis and Page in the Beijing ritual: “Whole Lotta Love”) is occult and ritualistic in nature.

 This connects to several interesting ritualistic / mind control related stories. One famous example is the bizarre death of Jeff Buckley, son of Laurel Canyon frequenter Tim Buckley. The Laurel Canyon aspect is perhaps crucial giving the association between the area and the musicians of the time (60s onward), the military industrial complex, Lookout Mountain Studios, mind control, occult ritual, Charles Manson, all the deaths, the list goes on. It is a subject I will be looking at in due course, but if you want to research more, I recommend Dave McGowan’s excellent blog series “Inside the LC”. Be warned though, it is not for those prone to denial or of faint heart!

 Getting back on topic, Jeff Buckley mysteriously drowned in 1997. His body was found floating in the Wolf River harbour (Memphis), home of a very innocuous (sic) pyramid shaped building. It is claimed that he walked (fully dressed) into the water, whilst chanting the words to a specific Zeppelin song: “Whole Lotta Love”…

 Jimmy Page also owned Crowley’s old home (Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness) for about 20 years. He once stated that Crowley was "a misunderstood genius of the 20th Century"... This about a man who once said of himself: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend”, and has been considered by many to be the “Wickedest Man in the World”. It is alleged that (possibly during Crowley’s ownership) horrific child sacrifices, in relation to satanic ritual, have taken place during the darker history of Boleskine House.

 There is a noticeable “child ritual” aspect to the Beijing closing ceremony. A young girl disembarks the London Bus and walks over a zebra crossing (as in 7/7, but also a freemasonic checker motif), surrounding by onlookers wearing several items of clothing with black and white checker patterns. She is given a symbolic black and white checked football and proceeds to walk on the backs of the surrounding people (now lying on the ground) back to the bus, which then splits asunder (surrounded by a crowd of trance ridden people), revealing Lewis, then Page, etc.

 I know this may sound a stretch, but I should also mention the episode of Doctor Who (“Fear Her”) which told the story of children mysteriously vanishing on a housing estate in London just before the commencement of the 2012 Games. After The Doctor had solved the puzzle, he took the Olympic torch and lit the ritual cauldron to begin The Games. As I understand it, the episodes storyline was conceived not long after London was announced as host for 2012. Hundreds of school children between the ages of 7-9 and 11-13 have been recruited for the London Olympic ceremonies and Danny Boyle has openly stated that the ceremony will 'make an indelible mark' on the children involved. So you see where I going with this…

 The sacrificial aspects are nothing new to The Olympics. One apparent example occurred in the 2000 Sydney Olympics when Australian sportswoman Cathy Freeman was symbolised as the “little poor girl who made good”. I’m not down playing her life, skills, or the tireless work she did to highlight the issues of Australian Aborigines, rather the way in which she was ritualistically used in the ceremony – walking on water, then being consumed in a cauldron of fire. I have also noted the hoopla, in the US, surrounding Lori (Lolo) Jones who will be participating in London 2012. The media obsession with her seems to be not because she is a fine athlete (no doubt she is), but seemingly because she is a 29 year old virgin! There have been some unusual discussions in the alternative community about her significance, her name (similar to Leeloo from “The Fifth Element” – who was also a virgin) and such.

 Returning to the Beijing ceremony for a moment, there also appears to be a “butterfly” motif running throughout. The girl that passes the symbolic football (to the “ritual” child) wears a butterfly patterned dress. One or two of the female onlookers have butterflies on their dresses also. I mention this because it has been addressed by several well-known mind control victims (Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor) as an association with, often a “trigger” for, government / military sponsored mind control programs. Whatever your point of view on these specific accounts, the theme is often prevalent in contemporary female celebrities - often called “Monarch Butterflies” (for the “Monarch” programming).  For example, Hollywood actress Megan Fox has a discernible tattoo on her back which says, “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. Although it is obviously a quote from King Lear, I believe it signifies much more.

 On the subject of these alleged “triggers”, have you notice the abundance of another motif – the “rainbow”. The most recognizable example is the means of transportation for London mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, who “ride” on “rainbows”. The association here is “over the rainbow” - as in the “Wizard of Oz”, which has allegedly been used as part of the various mind control conditioning programmes. Another of these mediums – Alice in Wonderland (“down the rabbit hole” / “through the looking glass”) will apparently feature in the London 2012 ceremonies. Remember also what I mentioned in the previous part regarding the giant beds (the tiny Alice surrounded by giant furniture) and “dream states”…

 Given the vast information available, there is one definite conclusion we CAN draw about London 2012: It will be a ritualistic event. There is no doubting that. The true nature of this ritual is a little more uncertain. In likelihood it won’t be for the benefit of the masses, given what we know of the associated beliefs and symbolic preoccupations of the ruling elite. The ritual is for their believed “empowerment” and benefit.

 With all the symbolic similarities to aspect of psychological manipulation and control of the masses, I am now wondering if the proceedings may be a large scale psychological “mind control” operation that will run concurrent with or be intrinsic to the ritual. When I look at the 13 umbrellas spinnng hypnotic spiral patterns in the last moments of the Beijing presentation, I'm convinced of this. The purpose of this procedure is anybody’s guess though.

 I do know that TV now plays a massive role in psychological and social engineering aspects – with almost everything from soaps to comedy (even the last bastion of truth - science fiction) playing a part. The effect is measureable in the mindscape of the population at large. I make no exaggeration when I say that it is a very effective form of “mind control”. The term may seem extreme, but that is ultimately what it is. The problem is that whilst it is relentlessly on-going, it is fractured and intermittent in its reach as well as subject to the whims of the masses. The last truly effective large scale, TV induced “mind-scaping” was probably Live Aid - although most people will probably assume I’m mad for making such a claim!

 To proceed with such a large scale operation you need a mass viewing audience, which I suspect these Games will get. We should also consider the technological advancements in TV today: Hi-def, 3D, etc. These make the viewing experience more immersive and realistic, therefore much more all-consuming of the state of mind an individual switches into when staring at the screen. Objectivity is often lost and the “spectacle” takes over, placing the viewer in a very vulnerable and suggestive place.

 The hidden technology of mind control has also come on in leaps and bounds. We in the alternative community often discuss microwave and sonic weapons (the sound system for “The Games” is very complex!) that have a destabilising effect on the human mind and body. We’ve also seen occasions where news presenters have just lost the plot live on air and appear very distressed, blurting utter gibberish. Remember also, the Olympic logo video that triggered numerous epileptic seizures. Reminds me of those Japanese Pokemon episodes that did the same! We should seriously take all of these factors into consideration.

So there you go. That’s my take on it all. We can’t truly say for sure until things kick off tomorrow. Even then, we may have a while to wait, with the additional possibility that (other than the “ritual”) nothing will happen… however one can never say “never”!

 One last little thing to address is the chance that all this has been engineered to affect us – the alterative community. Several researchers have pondered whether the symbolism and clues have been created and directed at those who are looking for them. Maybe they feel they don’t need to affect the masses anymore, given how effective their methods have been on the sleeping majority. Maybe the concentrated focus has now shifted onto those of us who are awakening and asking questions. As Zbigniew Brzezinski has effectively said for many years - we are the true threat to their intentions.

 It is a frightening prospect to consider that the illusory curtain has been pulled on the alternative community: that we may have played right into their hands and that what we consider a glimpse of awakening is nothing more than that which is carefully orchestrated as a "trick of the mind". We know that several areas of truth have been co-opted and managed by agents of the agenda players, which makes it even more possible.

 But what options do we have? Pack up our truth bag and leave it all behind? Put simply, we cannot take the risk that there is no truth to the beliefs of the alternative community. If there is only a miniscule chance that all is as we are awakening to believe, then we must stand our ground. I actually believe that there is too much evidence to state that the wool has been completely pulled over our eyes, as opposed to the uninterested masses.

The fact is that if ANYTHING untoward occurs (whatever it may be) we WILL know… because, for better or worse, we’re always watching them watching us.

Until next time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

London 2012 - Part 5: “London Calling”

 It is astounding how people sometimes miss what is blatantly staring them in the face. The mainstream press has made no attempt whatsoever to hide what is glaringly obvious, in relation to London Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies.  No doubt we have only seen a fraction of what is to come, but (make no mistake) what we have here is a shady pantomime of metaphorical allusion and multiple level meanings. You could argue that this is the nature of “art” and “performance”, but not enough to start running for the hills.

 However, I have serious concerns about the medium (as I have tried to espouse here many times) and can only conclude that the “entertainment industry” is far from innocent or “harmless fun”. There are times when this “distraction” is all but weaponised, resulting in a crippling psychological attack on many susceptible individuals. You may say that I’m engaging in my own type of fear mongering here, but (and I speak from a level of experience) I believe these concerns are justified. I urge people to always be cautious and never underestimate the medium simply because it is bright, shiny and keeps us content. All that glitters is not gold.

 The “spectacles” that will book-end the 2012 Games are no different in this case, with a crucial exception. There is a potential for the proceedings to be viewed by a huge, huge number of people – much more than your average TV program. In fact, it has been predicted that a combined TV audience could number (according to varying sources) somewhere between 1 - 4 billion people!

 Danny Boyle has been charged with overseeing these events and has revealed some curious aspects that should be considered. The opening ceremony has been entitled: “The Isle of Wonder”. Much of this has been modelled on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, an unusual choice of literary influence. I don’t want to really address the various musings on Shakespeare himself here, because it is vast subject… but worth researching!

 “The Tempest” is a real oddity though. If you haven’t read much Shakespeare, then it is important to note that that it sits in contradiction to the tone of his other works – imagine Shakespeare on Acid and you’ll get the idea! The story of magic and ritual to draw individuals to an island, where they witness Prospero’s final creative act of magical rite, seems to be at the heart of the London ceremony. The act serves as a nexus point between the past and the future, one age to another. This transition is noticeable in Blake’s Jerusalem, which also features heavily in the proceedings. Blake once wrote that “the eye altering, alters all". This is an interesting observation given his extensive freemasonic / esoteric associations.

 The use of illusion and “magic” therefore, appears central to this aspect of London 2012. This “invocation” is apparent with the use of the “Olympic Cauldrons” and the torch, which has saturated the news of late. There are other examples though. The use of The Clash’s number, “London Calling”, may appear to be a simple summoning of people to The Games, but the lyrics reveal much more and may indicate why the song has featured so heavily. 

 The most remarkable line: “London calling to the underworld”, seems to tie directly into the idea of ritual and invocation. The dark aspects include: “Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls” (an aspect I will address in the final part of this blog series), “London calling, see we ain't got no high… Except for that one with the yellowy eyes” (reference to a dark deity perhaps?) and “cause London is drowning, and I live by the river” (the river of the underworld maybe?). The line: “London calling to the zombies of death… Quit holding out, and draw another breath”, probably doesn’t literally mean “Zombies” - as I addressed in part 2 of this series... but I recently came across a strange story that may connect.

 Allegedly, the event organisers have contacted various agents about the “inclusion” of dead musicians / celebrities for the opening ceremony! What “inclusion” means is open to debate (and the story could just be a piece of plop), but I know that several researchers have addressed the “return” of notable figures who have died. Could we see the implementation of the holographic technology I discussed previously, creating the illusion that the likes of John Lennon, Keith Moon and Amy Winehouse have “risen from the grave”!? Who knows, but if it happens, it’s a little sick. These people were probably steered, tampered with or disposed of (in my opinion) by various aspects of the entertainment industry “agenda”. They deserve to be left in peace now…
 On a related matter, it has not escaped the attention of many that musical “impresario” Mark Ronson will be involved in the ceremony. His “connections” are vast and has worked extensively with artists who are alleged to have been “messed with”. Danny Boyle’s long-time collaborators “Underworld” have also been tasked with overseeing the musical aspects. I don’t need to say any more than to highlight their name! Paul McCartney (don’t get me started on him!) will also be closing the night with a “live” performance.

 The list of music to be included has circulated for a little while now and (although we can’t be certain as to how accurate it will be) it includes some curious tunes. “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols, “Going Underground” by The Jam, “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis (interesting collaborator with Ridley Scott and the song title is a reference to Blake’s” Jerusalem”), “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “Trampled Under Foot” by Led Zeppelin (strange choice!), “Step On” by The Happy Mondays (some more foot trampling), “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele (more water metaphors), “Eclipse” by Pink Floyd (which is about insanity), “I Predict a Riot” by The Kaiser Chiefs, and allegedly “Absolute Beginners” by David Bowie (great tune, but the song title says a lot), you get the idea anyway.


 The proceedings which also include acrobatics troupe “Spellbound” (the name says it all really) and an introductory film featuring Daniel Craig as “James Bond” (huge area of alternative research there) will be entitled “The Arrival”. The “Green and Pleasant Land” motif has been decked out with farmers “working the land” and 12 horses, three cows, two goats, 10 chickens, 10 ducks, nine geese, 70 sheep and three sheep dogs. It would probably been cheaper to hire a farm and hold The Games there! There will also be a load of UK military personnel pouring from the top of The Glastonbury Tor mock-up! WHY!?


 The Glastonbury aspect is particularly revealing because of the obvious link to ritual and energy. As David Icke puts it, “energy flows where attention goes”. It is also the home of the ritualistic natured, Glastonbury music festival – an event bedecked with its very own pyramid stage. There are often some peculiar incidents and phenomenon that occur at this festival. One of the most fairly recent, that caught my attention, was the strange death of the Tory MP - Christopher Shale (a close friend of David Cameron), but I’m digressing.

 There are also the “fake clouds” to make it rain. There has been much conjecture about the weather for the ceremonies and the inherent weather modification facets that (seem to) often go hand in hand with The Olympics. This speculation has been fuelled by the bizarre summer conditions that we’ve seen in the UK of late. Some even suggests that clear skies (as with 9/11) make for better trickery. Even leaving this aside, the “fake clouds” alone assist the nature of the “illusion”.

 On the subject of “capturing” the imagination of the masses with this huge ritual, I was initially mystified by what role a load of oversized beds would be playing in the ceremony. Some have suggested they are hospital beds, given the inclusion of NHS nurses and the NHS story in the ceremonial narrative. I have wondered if there may be deeper implication though. Illusion is readily concomitant with the notion of dreams, sleep and unconscious states… and where do we usually do this? In bed! There is also a broader context here which factors into states of mind (and is a big clue to my own theories) which I'll look at in the final part of these blogs.

 If something is being invoked in a symbolic / ritualistic way and potentially a few billion sets of eyes are watching, then that’s a lot of “soul capture”! If nothing else, I believe this may well be the event that has been predicted in the alternative community. I’m not saying that something else won’t occur (we can never be totally sure until it happens!), but the evidence for an illusory ritual is very strong. Of course, all of this depends upon whether or not you believe that this kind of thing has any effect on the human psyche. I believe that (in many cases) it sadly does though. Suggestibility and subliminal persuasion are utilised on a vast scale by the media. If they have invested so much time, manpower and money to the practice, then I believe we can’t ignore the reality.

 There is one more piece of related evidence (that is particularly damning) that may have been misinterpreted by the alternative community, which I will look at it in the final part of this
blog series… as well as my own theories.

To be concluded…

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

London 2012 - Part 4: "Shadows and Symbols"

 There’s no escaping the fact that the entire concept of “The Olympics” is one of ritual and symbolism. The Games themselves were realised as a result of mass worship of deified figures – most notably (but not exclusively), in this case, the gods of Mount Olympus. For many they were a ceremony of sacrifice and ritual. Given what we know of the ruling elite’s preoccupation with belief systems and the potential power of the inherent symbolism, it’s hardly surprising that the return of The Games (at the tail end of the nineteenth century) was steered by those occupying the upper echelons of power and influence - individuals with freemasonic and ritualistic associations.

 We still see these connections today, in the form of the torch lighting ceremony (the 2012 torch itself is a three sided design made to represent a "trinity" of olympic ideals), the presentation of the three precious metal-based, medals, and numerous other aspects. Many have highlighted the symbolic nature of the London Olympic site, the surrounding road names (such as Temple Mill Lane, Great Eastern Road, Church Road, Carpenter Road, etc.), the 13 pyramid shaped flood light (capped with 9 rows of bulbs), and checkerboard (black and white) seating. However these merely scratch the surface of the evidence.

Astana Pyramid
 The stadium itself was one of several designs and locations considered. One of the hot favourites, for a while, was Norman Foster’s 2007 Wembley Stadium. Foster has had some interesting design associations during his career, including the Astana “Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation” in Kazakhstan. The inclusion of Anish Kapur’s “ArcelorMittal Orbit” Tower (which sits aside the London Olympic Stadium) has created much speculation. The spiral design has been compared to a human DNA helix and the like. Kapur’s designs are always a little odd. He has used the medium of glass and mirrors on many occasions and his reflective hourglass design - “Turning the World Upside Down” (Israel Museum, 2010), is amongst his most eyebrow raising. It has been claimed that Kapur’s inspiration for the Orbital Tower was The Tower of Babel… an interesting choice if true.

 There are slightly more subtle possibilities surrounding the stadium though. The more eagle-eyed folk out there have noticed an unusual anomaly within the grounds. To one side is a footpath area which some have claimed is similar to the Egyptian “eye of Horus” motif. I suppose if you squint a bit, then there is a resemblance. In 2007, Lord Mayor of London (John Stuttard) unveiled a sculpture named the "Spirit of Zion" statue for 2012 Olympics - 9 metre tall spider which is one of 6 such sculptures by artist Louise Bourgeois. We also had the “Giant Toadstools” which many alternative researchers have connected with the idea of the underworld, which also ties into the Egyptian/Horus mythology. The “underworld” aspects are an area of study that I will address in due course. Of course, London is full of esoteric landmarks such as the eye at Canary Wharf (and the building itself) and, most recently, The Shard – opened just in time for The Games.

 The stadium location has also uncovered a wealth of factors that may tie into a larger symbolic tapestry. Earlier this year, Samuel William posted a YouTube video as part of his “Truth You Can Wake Up To” series. I must stress here that there are several aspects of his research that I absolutely don’t align myself with (especially his 9/11 – Thermite perspectives), however this one was quite revealing.

 He discussed the placement (in Trafalgar Square) of a 30 foot diameter replica of the sun, placed there for one day only - 23rd January 2012. He took the diameter of this replica and scaled down the entire solar system to match the sun to the size of it. The equivalent Earth orbit was 0.6 miles. William took this distance out from the replica of the sun on a bearding of 33 degrees – freemasonic significance, obviously. The point at which the earth would be was actually the Grand Lodge Masonic Hall on Great Queen Street (specifically the apex of the set square shape that forms the corner of the building - the building is shaped like a compass and set square). He also took the bearing of 66 degrees and plotted the relative position of Saturn on this scale. What did it match up with?  The location of the Olympic Stadium site!

 Saturn was once worshipped as a god because it was believed to be a star rather than a planet. The Saturn aspect is interesting because of the association with the concept of “Time”. It is an area of esoteric research that I wish I understood much more, but I take an interest in never the less!  The “Saturn cult” (sometimes called “The Satan Cult”) is only a stone’s throw away from the association with measurement and manipulation of “time”. There are peculiar “Black Cubes” and monoliths which have popped up around the world and can often be traced to the “Saturn” concept.  Many have looked into this symbolism and how prevalent it appears to be in our culture… especially “pop culture”.

 In researching a little more of the subject, I found apparent examples in films such as Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the most interesting takes me back to a bizarre story from my childhood. I remember being very ill (probably the worst I had been in my pre-teen years) in 1987 – I was twelve in case you want to work out my age! I was apparently suffering from food poisoning. Although I don’t have a very good recollection of anything that occurred for a day or so, I do remember watching a French animated sci-fi film called “Les Maîtres du Temps” (Masters of Time) by Rene Laloux. For years, I didn’t actually realised it was a film (because I genuinely believed it was a product of my delirious physical and mental state – as a result of the food poisoning!) and was shocked when I found it on the web years later!

 The story is bizarre, full of weird imagery and concepts. In my mind I had an image from the end of film (delirious dream state!) of a black cube encircled by glowing (Saturn-like) rings. It is strange how wrong I had actually got this final image when watching the film more recently. The film ends with a sphere encased by a glowing cube. What did I tap into when I was Ill?!! In any case, Rene Laloux courted the esoteric for much of his life. He worked in advertising and even had a job in a psychiatric institution where he began experimenting in animation with the interns! I’ve clearly let this memory divert me momentarily, so it is perhaps best that I get back on track…

 The point I’m highlighting is the inclusion of the “time” concept in the film. London is often referred to in esoteric circles as “The Temple of Time”, probably because of the intricate association with GMT and the measuring system for the world’s financial clocks. I have often wondered about the alternate symbolism of the Olympic Logos in relation to the “Saturn” concept. The rings may be akin to clock faces (an hour is separated into four segments – quarter past, half past, etc.) and I have recently pondered the significance of the four coloured rings (and one black). Some researchers say that the four colours are aspects of nature, others the points of a compass.

 Whatever they mean, they are almost certainly points of reference – in much the same way that “measuring time” is. It is curious that the “black” ring is the only ring, in the logo, than intersects more than one other - past and future, maybe? The four rings almost “revolve” around the central black ring. The “Zion” logo also does the same, with four numbers/letters rotating around a small square (cube). Is this telling us something about the belief systems of those that control the Olympic Games? Is it possible that the Olympics represent the transitions (passages) through time, perhaps from one age to another…? Or even the marking of time? Temporal transitions are always marked by ritual ceremony – birthdays, the “new year”, religious holidays, etc.

 We are possibly seeing more clues in the abundance of time “related” objects in London for The Games. The Olympic Clock infamously stopped on “the Ides of March” (315) and the inclusion of the world’s largest “harmonically tuned” bell during the games is particularly noteworthy. For starters, the organisers want to get everybody ringing bells “as loudly and quickly” as possible on the day of the opening ceremony – “marking time” as it were. The “conjured” piece of music created by the bells will be called “Work No. 1197” (more significant number arrangements) and will last for three minutes. Danny Boyle has called it “a wonderful way to wake up the nation” … I bet he does!

Black Magick Occultist Aleister Crowley
 The Bell, weighing 23-tonnes (originally going to be 27…), just happens to be inscribed with a line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest: “Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises“. “Tempest” is also associated with “Tempus” as in “Time”. It should be remembered that bells are often rung as part of witchcraft incantations and occult magick rituals. Such rituals usually involve ringing the bell 9 times. Aleister Crowley once proclaimed that the bell was a “weapon” of occult magick. The motto for the bell ringing Olympic ritual is "Any bell, Anyone, Anywhere" (3 aspects). I should also mention that there are some fascinating ideas being discussed about The Bell on the net. One of note is the connection to the old rhyme “Oranges and Lemons”, but I will leave you to research that one yourself!

 Before I move on, I just want to quote researcher Ellis C Taylor: “Olympic Games are a mass rites to a solar deity. Beginning with their lavish opening ceremonies, they are conducted with precise timing. Time is at the essence of every one of them... Keeping to precise numerological schedules and patterns ensures that those that order them make the very most of natural harmonics elevating the chance of their success in their ambitions and gaining grand favour from the solar despot they worship.”

 The most relevant thing to remember here is that “time” is nothing more than an illusion. It imprisons and sacrifices us simultaneously. To coin a phrase: “Time is the fire in which we burn…” With time measured in mathematics and numbers, I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss some aspects of the numerological significances in Olympic symbolism. I will leave you to draw your own conclusion as to some of the possible meanings. The occurrences are “out there”, never the less.

 The Games begin on 27/7/2012, with the opening ceremony commencing at 8:12pm (20:12). As mentioned before, we have a 23 tonnes bell. The budget for the opening ceremony is £27 million. The announcement of London as host of The Games in 2005 (7 years to go…) was the day before 7/7. There will be 900 local pupils taking part in the opening Olympic ceremony. 27th of July (2+7) = 9. Volunteers up to the age of (specifically) 90 were to be considered. The overall budget for the ceremonies was claimed to be £81 million (8+1=9). The bell ringing composition - Work No 1197 is 1+1+9+7=18… 1+8=9… and some say 18 = 666 (hidden). Now I am far from an expert in such matters, but I believe there is some significance to these reoccurrences.

 We should also consider that these will be the 30th Olympic Games (XXX – 3 kisses, porn connotations, take your pick!) and the third Games held in London (a masonic trinity of games perhaps?). Several researchers have noted that the first two of these took place in close proximity to the first and second Worlds Wars, with the assumption being that the third will be no difference. Personally I believe that this kind of speculation is reckless and pointless. It is just another kind of fear mongering. I understand the reasoning behind this, but we really should wait (and hope) for a positive outcome – rather than spreading ideas of doom and destruction.

In the next part I will look at the imminent ceremonies of The London Games, before I address my own theories on what may occur.
To be continued…

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

London 2012 - Part 3: “Close Encounters of the Olympic Kind”

Before I start I just want to reiterate my stance, whilst addressing the information I’m presenting on the London 2012 Olympics subject. The information gathered (in all parts of this blog series) is mostly the collective findings of others and doesn’t necessarily reflect my own position. Where possible, I will interject my own thoughts and stance, but please don’t assume that I’m encouraging a specific viewpoint – especially that of false-flag (or any other kind of) terrorism at The Games! The point is to present an overview of the varying information and beliefs out there. It is vital that we all keep a balanced perspective and draw our conclusions in our own ways. As I have stated in the first two parts of this series, I will address my own theories in the final section of these blogs. Remember that we will all know soon enough if anything is to occur! The story (and speculation!) is rapidly changing - this means that information can become outdated pretty much as soon as it’s posted. This is especially difficult for me as I am often very busy in my non-truth / music related work (more so, lately!), so I don’t get the chance to post, drop in on other people’s work or keep up to date with information, anywhere near as much as I’d like to. With this in mind, I just want to take the opportunity to say many thanks, as always, for your continued readership and the support and encouragement I receive from you all. I truly appreciate it.

 In part two, I addressed the subject of illusion in relation to the Olympic Games. The two seem to go hand in hand, as witnessed on several occasions. The opening and closing ceremonies of The Games seem to be a showcase of ritual, symbolism and trickery, which is often interpreted by the viewer as “magical”. One such notion (which falls into this arena) is the Olympic flirtation with the Extra-Terrestrial phenomenon.

The most well-known of these occurrences took place during the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, where (as part of the ceremonies) a huge UFO descended over the stadium and deposited an alien creature who “saluted” all those involved in The Games. The scene was reminiscent of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, with the craft using music to communicate back and forth with the Olympic stadium. Strangely, before the “alien” addressed the crowds, there was a laser battle in the air accompanied by some incidental music from “Star Wars”. If this was a one-off, then there probably wouldn’t be anything to speculate about. Yet with the continual and numerous references to Aliens and UFOs (in relation to The Olympics), you do have to ask why?

 This kind of connection has been quite apparent during the run up to the London Games. When “Lord” Coe unveiled one of the earliest promotional videos, which presented an animated construction of the stadium, many wondered what significances could be gleaned from the sight of numerous pod craft buzzing around the London skyline, what look symbolically like giant steel Alien robots lumbering through the streets, and a huge mother ship – all of which form parts of the stadium. After the stadium is filled with people, the entire structure breaks apart and is sucked into a spiral vortex. It is very similar to certain alien invasion movies, such as “Skyline” - which I will address again shortly.

 We have also had the “loveable” mascots: Wenlock and Mandeville. This pair of one-eyed oddities, look like they belong up a child’s nose! The child angle is appropriate given the intended target audience for the mascots. When unveiled, countless school children were asked about them and the response was fairly unanimous: “they’re aliens!” The official blurb said that they were formed from droplets of steel during the stadium construction.

 Interestingly, there has been a well-known video circulating the web lately. The animated short: “Olympic Aliens – Man Vs. Alien”, was allegedly made by a bunch of school children and features ETs firing arrows toward the Earth from a nearby planet. The intended target is the Olympic stadium.

 In 2010, Eddie Izzard presented the “Games Maker volunteering” advert with the opening lines: “Ladies and gentlemen of the world… and other worlds who may be listening… The greatest show on Earth!” Recent ads associating BT Infinity and The Games showed shafts of blue light coming from the sky and energising the participating athletes. The scene illuminates the London skyline and is eerily reminiscent of the scenes from “Skyline” – where descending plumes of blue energy herald an alien attack upon humanity.

 Speaking of the sci-fi movie / Olympic angle, it cannot have escaped anyone’s attention how often they have crossed paths. The Olympic rings are visible in the background of a scene in the 1996 movie “Independence Day”. The motif appears as a boy watches the ET arrival on TV. The film also has some interesting 9/11 clues and foreshadowing. Another movie with a connection is M Night Shyamalan’s alien invasion flick: “Signs”. The morning after Mel Gibson and Joaquim Phoenix’s characters witness a creature on their roof in the dead of night, a police woman asks them who they might have seen. They discuss how fast it moved, which quickly dovetails into a conversation about the agility of Olympic athletes.

 One of the most notable associations is integral to the plot of Carl Sagan’s “Contact”. The film of 1997 follows an almost identical narrative route as Sagan’s original novel from 1985. The plot revolves around an ET message intercepted from space. The initial message (of repeated prime numbers) is embedded with a retransmission of “Earth's first television signal broadcast powerful enough to escape the ionosphere and be received in interstellar space; in this case, Adolf Hitler's opening speech at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.” (Wikipedia) The Berlin Games boasted a closed-circuit television system and radio network that reached 41 countries, with many other forms of expensive high-tech electronic equipment. This event began the ever more elaborate means to which The Games would be utilised as a MSM illusory psyop.

 There is a noteworthy line in the film, spoken by enigmatic aerospace tycoon S.R. Hadden (played by John Hurt): “The powers that be have been quite busy lately, falling over each other to position themselves for the game of the century, if not the millennium.” This quote functions on multiple levels…

 There are also connections in certain areas of music. The London based band: "The Winter Olympics", released a song entitled: "They Launched a Probe" with an interesting accompanying video. It begins with the London skyline (London attractions, buildings and monuments silhouetted in the background) followed by hundreds of Alien ships descending upon London. There is also a craft in orbit which fires a beam directly at London.

 Returning to the publicity machine for a moment, I was curious about a similar connection that was touted by UK’s Sun newspaper, some time ago. A manmade crop circle was commissioned by the newspaper before London won the bid to host the Olympic Games, “the official story as to their reason for doing so was to help in London’s bid for the Olympic Games.” The headlines included: “Aliens Back Our Bid” and ”London Bid Is Out Of This World”. The circle was created by John Lundberg’s outfit “Circlemakers” and became part of a slew of similar style formations.

 The true nature of Crop Circles is a subject for another blog entirely, however Richard D Hall’s film “Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth” revealed some important issues relating to manmade formation and (particularly) John Lundberg. In the film he addresses the “Project Blackbird” debacle of 1990 – where UK government agencies and the military became involved in investigating / debunking / discrediting (take your pick!) the phenomenon. RDH raises compelling circumstantial evidence about the background of Lundberg. He noted that in the past, the website carried a recruiting banner for MI5. He also looked at the html source code for the site. The second keyword (after "crop circle makers") is MI5.

 Other keywords include security service, British security service, spy, intelligence, CIA, espionage and terrorism. One of Lundberg’s articles (dated 06/03/2004) says, "Well, it looks like veteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrews might be forced to go get a real job! He's posted an urgent appeal for funds on his website... If all else fails maybe Colin could join MI5's psyops department and retrain as a crop circle maker..." RDH questioned the nature of Circlemakers’ funding and discovered another item on the website: "You'd be surprised how expensive running a successful website can be, don't panic, we're not going to ask you for money... our retainer from sources we'd rather not disclose has kept our virtual head above water."

 It does raise the question of why The Sun has used crop circles (of all things) to promote The London Olympic Games, and also why they decided to recruit individuals who are (potentially) military intelligence assets…

 I also have reason to believe that this “alien” aspect may be incorporated into The London Games’ closing ceremony. Recently revealed images from the dress rehearsals show an unusual laser light show which is very reminiscent of those seen in Jeff Wayne’s stage version of his musical “War of the Worlds”. I must stress that this does NOT mean that I am suggesting it is part of an alien false-flag scenario… just that it has possibly been incorporated into the “entertainment”.

 It is odd how numerous stories have appeared in the MSM regarding readiness for the “inevitable alien arrival”. Here are a few examples:

And, obviously, this piece of farce from Nick Pope:

 In the earlier days of his research, Ian R Crane alluded to a possible false-flag alien attack scenario which could perhaps be unveiled at The London 2012 Games - although he has, more recently, expanded his views to encompass much more of the information available. Numerous others have subsequently suggested his  original instincts also. I am not attacking (to be clear) this line of research or their credibility when I say that I do feel it is unlikely (unless it was pulled off incredibly realistically) that such an event will occur. As with the false-flag terrorist scenario, it seems a little too obvious and (unlike a false-flag terrorist attack) I suspect that even the sleeping masses would struggle to swallow it. However the question does still remain: why the connection?

 It is possible that keeping the subject at the forefront of folk’s minds, accommodates the needs of the moment or an agenda further down the line. Some suggest that it is predictive programming, readied for when the “alien aspect” needs to be trotted out. Others believe that it is an acclimatisation program, preparing us for a managed (but far from complete) disclosure of the ET phenomenon. There is also the possibility that it is a carefully orchestrated disinformation programme. I will reserve my judgement here though.

Many thanks to Andrew Johnson, who recently posted some very timely observations by Richard D Hall.

“I could be wrong but see what you think.  The Daily Mail has put out a lot of news items now suggesting alien visitation and possible invasion.  However, I do not think these articles are intended for “Joe Public” and to manipulate the masses general frame of mind.  WHY?  Because these articles never appear in the actual printed Daily Mail, they usually only appear in the “Science” section of the on line Daily Mail.  My parents sometimes get the Daily Mail and whenever anything is printed related to aliens or 9/11, etc., they cut it out and give it to me.  None of these alien stories have been in the printed papers.  If this WAS a move to get the public to accept aliens, and accept a possible alien invasion they would have put them in their main newspaper.”

“People like you and me and people who mistrust the mainstream get a lot more information online.  I think the whole alien invasion information could be targeting the truth movement to try and get everyone in the truth movement on the “alien false flag” band wagon.  So when they carry out their al Qaeda / Iranian false flag attack, the majority of whistle-blowers can be discredited by telling the public that these people are nuts, they were saying a minute ago that aliens would invade the Olympics and now they are saying the government did it... There are certain people who have been pushing the alien theory more than others.
It is certainly worth considering this perspective.

 It is important to remain level headed, keep an open mind in these situations and try never to say “never”. There is a huge amount of credible research out there regarding holographic technology and certain aspects of projects such as “Bluebeam”, which cannot really be dismissed…. AND, we must also consider the DEW technology which was almost certainly utilised on 9/11. However, just because the means to perpetrate an “event” exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be used at the London Olympic Games.

 We all know that if a terrorist attack or alien incursion doesn’t take place during the events, people will simply say that nothing happened or was ever going to happen. It could also have the effect of making much of the alternative community look like a right bunch of melons. However, “nothing obvious happening”, does NOT mean that nothing has happened, is happening or will happen… far from it. I will be addressing this misperception of London 2012 shortly.

 This part of the blog series completes (thank goodness!) my look at some of the speculative aspects of The 2012 Games… at least until I present my own wacky ideas in the concluding part. From here on, I will look at what has been apparent for a while – tons of strangeness ranging from architecture and symbolism, to numerology and ritual.

I will leave you with this wonderful observation from "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" by Douglas Adams:

“You mean they actually vote for the lizards?”
“Oh yes,” said Ford with a shrug, “of course.”
“But,” said Arthur, going for the big one again, “why?”
“Because if they didn’t vote for a lizard,” said Ford, “the wrong lizard might get in."

Until next time…

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